Members’ diary – rehearsals and  other events

Rehearsals are held in Christchurch, The Grove, Ilkley on Monday evenings between September and April. Here is the full schedule:

1st April7.30ChristchurchRehearsal
8th April7.30ChristchurchRehearsal
15th April7.30Clarke FoleyRehearsal
27th April2-5ChristchurchSaturday rehearsal
29th April7.30ChristchurchRehearsal
2nd May7.30ChristchurchExtra rehearsal
6th May7.30ChristchurchJoint rehearsal
11th May7.00St MargaretsConcert
13th MayTBCAsquith ArmsFarewell to Yonni
20th May7.30Masonic HallAGM

Christchurch Ilkley
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